02/02/2017 / By Ethan Huff

The truth is finally coming to light about the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s (CDC) coverup of vaccine

01/20/2017 / By JD Heyes
Fake News

This past year will be remembered for a lot of things, including the year that so-called fake news helped one

01/19/2017 / By Mike Adams

Have you noticed how people who tell the truth are vilified by pop culture and the media while those who

11/22/2016 / By hoaxnews

A black, female Bowling Green State University student allegedly fabricated a hate crime story about white, male President-Elect Donald Trump

07/13/2016 / By hoaxnews

The FBI’s revelations about what they discovered during their investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server has caused The Washington

07/12/2016 / By hoaxnews

Hillary Clinton may or may not be a crook. That remains to be proven, though the sheer magnitude of the

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