The most common myths about human intelligence exposed

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Humans pride themselves for having unparalleled intelligence. However, despite how intelligent we tout ourselves to be, many prevailing myths about intelligence persist, including the belief that it is biologically determined and declines with age.

Ross Pelton, Ph.D., exposes these myths and more in his book Mind Food and Smart Pills. The book is a practical guide on how to boost your intelligence naturally with diet and exercise. The following is a snippet from the book, which unveils some of the most common misconceptions about intelligence and what you can do to sharpen your mind.

Myths that limit human potential

There are three major myths related to health and intelligence that contribute to a general misunderstanding of the capacity we have to increase our intelligence and to maintain optimal mental functioning.

Myth 1: The Myth of a Fixed Intelligence. Most people believe that we are born with a fixed level of intelligence, and that is our lot in life. This is a myth. Exciting new research is showing that both the brain and human intelligence are capable of being developed. There are genetic differences, but we are now learning that environmental factors may be far more important.

A great deal of scientific research that documents the ability to increase intelligence will be presented in subsequent chapters of this book.

Myth 2: The Myth of a Healthy Diet. Nutritional supplements are important because the average life style and environment exposes us to far greater levels of toxins than ever before, and the average American diet, high in processed and fast foods, is nutritionally deficient.

In the last four decades, developed countries (with the United States leading the way) have switched from an agricultural food supply to an industrial food supply. Industrial farming techniques have greatly increased the level of toxins in our food and water supply. At the same time the nutritional quality of commercially grown foods has declined over the past several decades. Today two thirds of the average American diet is highly processed “food.”

Much of our commercial food supply is not nutritionally adequate and is a major contributor to chronic degenerative disease. Nutritional supplements are almost a necessity to any wellness-oriented life style.

Myth 3: The Myth of Aging. To understand aging we must understand the difference between chronological aging and biological aging. Chronological aging is simply the measurement of the passage of time. We will continue to have birthdays; the pages of the calendar will continue to turn.

Biological aging, however, is the gradual destruction of the human body. Most people believe that biological and chronological aging happen together. This is a myth. As we grow older with time, we do not have to destroy our bodies. In fact, we now know that biological aging can be slowed down, it can be stopped, and in some cases it can even be reversed.

Old age is not a time of life. It is a condition of the body. It is not time that ages the body, it is abuse that does.

Why take mind food and smart pills?

What can you realistically expect to achieve by embarking on a personal program of intelligence-enhancing drugs and nutrients? The health and biochemical uniqueness of each individual varies so much that the best approach is to set a range of possible results. Those who suffer from mild to moderate impairment of brain function will tend to notice more dramatic improvements because they have more symptoms to serve as a basis for judging rehabilitation.

Those who are closer to optimal brain function may not be as aware of the improvements in intelligence and mental abilities as those who suffer from some degree of impairment. Some of the effects that frequently occur are:

  • An increase in mental energy
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Longer periods of high-level mental ability
  • Greater ease in memorizing material
  • More alertness with less sleep

Taking the nutrients and drugs discussed in this book will not make you a genius, but you can expect to make the most of the mental abilities you have.

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