Debunked: Donald Trump and his supporters are not actually racist, sexist, nativists

Friday, October 02, 2015 by

Recent polls prove that the stereotyping talking points that Donald Trump‘s supporters are nothing more than a bunch of racist, sexist, nativists, is nothing more than yet another fabricated political hoax perpetuated by the mainstream media.

To see this fabrication, one simply needs to examine a poll ran by Fox that asked voters who their second choice candidate would be if Trump wasn’t running, and it turned out that, if Trump got out, Carson would takes the top spot with 24%, followed by Rubio at 12%, Fiorina at 11%, Cruz at 11% and Bush at 10%. As their second pick, Trump supporters voted for Carson (23%), Bush (14%), Cruz (12%) and Rubio (10%).  Interestingly enough, among all GOP primary voters, the second choice favorites are Fiorina (14%), Carson (13%), Trump (12%), Bush (10%) and Rubio (10%).

So there it is; if Trump dropped out, two Hispanics and a black man pick up almost 50% of the billionaire businessman’s voters. Additionally, a woman, two Hispanics, and a black men earn 58% of total GOP support while the white guys wither and die. Consider this conjecture formally debunked!


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